About Us

About Us

Jeremy Parchman is a licensed electrician with 14+ years of professional experience.
He founded Aspen Electrical Services in 2006,
with little more than a pickup truck and some hand tools.

The business environment was competitive.
Jeremy knew he would have to work long days in order to build a reputation and succeed.
So that’s what he did, often devoting 100+ hours per week to his new business.

The hard work paid off.
Aspen Electrical Services has grown steadily over the past eight years,
and we’re now regarded as one of the leading electrical contractors in Tulsa.
Jeremy oversees a team of eight full-time electricians, all of whom are good,
hard-working family men who truly care about their work and the community.

We love what we do at Aspen Electrical.
And we’re proud to offer you reliable, cost-effective electrical solutions, 24/7.
For a free project consultation, or for more information about our services,

call us anytime at (918) 277-9119.

We look forward to serving you soon!

Aspen Electrical Services, LLC

5939 E 12th St
Tulsa, OK 74112

Phone: (918) 277-9119

Business Hours:

Mon-Sun: 24h/7d